Kora Healthcare Company Values

We are searching who are talented and inspired to make a difference in the well-being and needs of those we serve. People who will embrace a culture of innovation, quality and entrepreneurship and share to our core company values of Passion, Enjoyment, Effective, Courage and Empowerment.


“Passion is the difference between great and ordinary performance.”

We seek people to be passionate about what you do, why you are do something, about who they serve and to put this passion into practice whilst polishing their improving workplace performance. With passion comes empowerment.


Enjoy the journey.

We are passionate about our unwavering commitment to develop and commercialise innovative therapies for patients and patient stakeholders alike. We recognise that commercial and technical obstacles can be common within our business but we believe that an open, positive and respectful mind-set in the day-to-day is an indispensable advantage that together allows us to embrace and tackle the challenges that we collectively face along our complex journey to achieve our company vision.


Effect team – “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

As an emerging healthcare company, we recognise that as a team we are more innovative, effective and productive when everyone contributes and collaborates together and as individuals we are committed and competent within defined roles and remaining professional and respectful toward each other.


“Be the game changer – its not about ideas, its about making ideas happen.”

We want everyone to play their part in the Kora Healthcare success story and feel empowered and trust in one’s abilities, take on challenges and make courageous decisions. At Kora Healthcare we encourage everyone to be a champion of innovation embracing the inner entrepreneur within you and giving it your best.


“Honesty and trust is the license to empowerment and responsibility and accountability is the price of empowerment.”

Honesty + Trust = empowerment = responsibility + accountability

As a business, we seek to create an agile and flexible environment with individuals who share a similar mind-set. When matched with the right behaviour and attitude, we empower individuals within the team setting to take ownership and strive to achieve their professional objectives so that others will recognise you for what you’ve done, not for what you plan to do.