In Sept 2021 Kora Healthcare acquired Chifam Inc, a Canadian-based speciality pharma company focussed on immunotherapy and immune modulation. The acquisition of Chifam Inc by Kora Healthcare is via its Canadian entity Kora Healthcare Canada Inc.
Kora Healthcare Canada Inc has its regional office based in Oakville, Ontario.
The acquisition of Chifam Inc provides Kora Healthcare with the operational infrastructure and licenses for greater expansion of its pharma portfolio in Canada and North America. Prior to the acquisition, Chifam had been a long-term distributor of a key drug product for Kora Healthcare in Canada.  Following the acquisition, all patients and patient stakeholders can and will continue to be able to source Chifam product via existing and well-established channels.

Our Focus

Supportive Care

Medicines that treat or manage secondary conditions arising from, relating to and complicated by underlying serious, chronic and long-term diseases.

Genito-Urinary Medicine

Medicines and Medical Devices that treat or manage conditions related to sexual and reproductive health in both women and men.

Customer Care

Healthcare products that manage or treat common conditions that can be self-treated or managed with the assistance of healthcare professionals.

Our Expertise

Kora Healthcare is a fully integrated healthcare company with core competencies across Research, Development & Innovation, Scientific & Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance, Quality Supply Chain, Marketing & Sales, Finance and Customer Services. All departments are led from our headquarters in Dublin, Ireland with UK sales and marketing operations located in York, UK and Ontario Canada.

Kora Healthcare is accredited and certified to Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Distrubution Practice, ISO 13485 and holds a manufacturing license and wholesale license for product portfolio assets and both a medicines importation license (DEL) and a NHP importation license (SL). Kora Healthcare operates under a virtual manufacturing platform in that Kora Healthcare manufactures through an established network of contract manufacturing organisations and contract research organisations for development and commercial manufacturing.

Kora Healthcare Operates Broadly Along Two Business Models

  • Our ‘Home Markets’ Model supported by our established infrastructure across the UK, Ireland and Germany involves a mix of internally developed portfolio products and in-licensed products.
  • Our ‘International Markets’ model, by contrast , is focused on developing long-term licensee’s and distributors with a like-minded therapy focus across global markets, supported by our internal team.

As a business we are resourced and optimally-sized to deliver continued growth from our portfolio of currently marketed products, coupled with multiple opportunities for continued geographical expansion anticipating the delivery on our product development pipeline. Our Development pipeline builds on existing therapeutic areas of focus and lifestyle brands of the patients and consumers we serve.

Our current priorities include optimising the international market expansion of ready-to-market, licensed magnesium product Magnaspartate and increasing the global footprint of brands such as Relactagel and Regelle.

Together with our international focus, we continue to ensure launch readiness for our ever-evolving research, development and innovation pipeline.