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Product Testimonials

I would not hesitate to recommend this product to any woman suffering from discomfort, dryness or itching thanks to the menopause. Regelle has allowed me to feel like a “normal” woman again. Regelle has changed everything. After only one application, I felt so much better. The itching stopped immediately. I wish I’d used this product months ago. Not only is it simple to apply, it does not leave you feeling sticky, nor does it cause odours or stains. It lubricates the vagina lightly, leaving it feeling healthy and moist without being too wet.

- Carol, UK

I've used this now for around 6 weeks. It's easy to use, it's not messy, and it does the job.

- Annyh, UK

Love that this works for 3 or more days - I suffer with vaginal atrophy and the dryness is so painful, even walking can be painful sometimes, it is that bad. 

- Kerry, UK

This is a fantastic product. The box contains a 7 day treatment. VERY effective to treat infections. Order arrived on time and in perfect conditions. I would recommend this to every woman. 

- Sara, UK

This was the solution to months of agony. It is easy to use, safe and you see results fast. Highly recommended! 

- Jas, UK

I tried other rebalancing 'gels' and they do not work as well as this one. I only use a tub every few days in my worst days. 

- Margherita, UK