Immcell Ltd is a privately owned pharmaceutical company that operates alongside its sister company, Kora Healthcare, in Swords, County Dublin, Ireland, a subsidiary of the Immdal Group.

“Our mission is to address unmet patient needs by bridging nutritional and therapeutic interventions to improve patient health and medical treatment outcomes”

There are two arms to the business at Immcell. Our interests lie in the areas of both Pharmaceuticals and more recently, Nutraceuticals. We believe in the beneficial value of naturally produced compounds as much as we do pharmaceutical formulations for consumer health.


At Immcell, we actively seek to repurpose and reposition previously registered therapeutic interventions.

Nutraceuticals play a significant role in the modification and maintenance of normal physiological function and human health. Here at Immcell, constant research leads us to identify the most novel, innovative and most importantly, beneficial supplements. We work hard to identify formularies that are successful as individual or as co-adjuvant therapies. We optimise the global availability of these products through successful collaborations and licensing agreements promoted by our adaptive/flexible business and marketing strategy.


Immcell Ltd’s aim is to be a focal point for the development of innovative products and technologies for the Immdal Group and for out-licensing to third parties. At Immcell we believe collaboration fuels innovation. Our growth strategy is embedded in the formation of new alliances with renowned research organisations/academic institutions/manufacturers across the globe.  We seek partnerships based on similar capabilities, resources and vision.

Our business development team welcomes new opportunities in the following areas:

  •  In-licensing of intellectual assets/new technologies and/or R and D collaborations to access external innovation.
  •  Out-licensing platform technologies to third parties enabling the discovery of new medicines and with the goal of maximising technology value.
  •  Development and commercial partnerships with other leading Pharma companies to maximise the global potential of our products.
  •  Academic research collaborations


We employ a small core staff at Immcell. A culture of dedication, determination and commitment to bringing a better quality of life to our consumers, through health enhancement, is the core focus of our team.
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